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Welcome To TDCP! We are a semi-realistic wolf based rp. 
Please keep in mind that we are an active community getting on everyday for staff is a must, missing one or two days is alright but if your going to be gone for a week please sign up for an E.F.A. 
Members we would also like you to sign in everyday and post at least once, but instead of just posting and leaving you can go on the chat box, rp, or play games, what ever suits your fancy. :3 
Starlas is literally almost always online and on the chat box so you will almost always have a talking buddy! c:
Guests cannot view everything! Simply use our guest account to view everything and get you an idea of how everything looks and works around here! ^^
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PostSubject: Akeela   Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:27 pm


Nickname(s): Ake
Name Origin: n/a
Age: 3 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Timberwolf
Alias?: Akeela The Bringer of Death
Lineage: Tyke Of Anew Dawn

Black fur covers this femme's muscular body. Her eyes are dark brown, but some swear that they are red. Her paws are large and her canines are sharp. She sharpens her canines every day multiple times a day just so that she can be sure that she will be ready to kill whatever she hunts, or whatever might try to attack her or the pack. Her fur glistens in the sun and in the moonlight. This happens by her cleaning it daily and just by how naturally shiny her coat always is. Her fur is medium in length and it keeps her warm during the cold months. But during the hot months, she swears that it is hotter than she has ever felt before. She has average length talons and these talons are just as sharp as her canines. This is for the same reason as her canines. There is only one real spot on her body that is not black in fur color, and that is around her whole muzzle. Her muzzle is actually light gray, almost white in color. Her four paws are also this same light gray coloring. She has more muscles on her shoulders and her haunches, than anywhere else, but right after that, there are the hidden muscles that wrap around her pillars. Her satellites are pitch black in coloring and they are kind of small compared to her head.
Physical Problems?: No
Mental Problems: No
There is nothing nice about this femme. She has heard herself be called as the Bringer of Death, and she likes that name, which was why she took that title and claimed it as hers. She likes to cause chaos during her free time, and she loves to learn new ways of killing others. She is a good hunter, which has been proven in some of the kill that she has brought home. She is a good fighter, just by proving what she knows and how she does it. She hates to show emotions though, which is why you will rarely ever see her with any emotions. When she does show her emotions, some say to watch out because that would be a very bad day. This is because if she loses control of her emotions, she will likely lose control of what she normally does.

Her lack of emotions is what makes her a good killer, for she does not feel attached to whom ever she might kill. Akeela likes to hunt in her free time, and this is so that she can be sure that the pack does not run out of food, especially for the nursing and for the younger generation. She wants to find a mate of her own, but she is scared to for she knows that it will be hard to find a male who is like her in many different ways. She wants to find a mate who will support her, and will not demand that she show her love at all times. She would rather keep her emotions between them for a private time, and not have to show the rest of the pack. She knows that there are some whom she has to impress to get what she wants, and she will do anything to be able to get that spot that she wants.

When she is kind, it is mainly around her family, and all pups. She may be a rude femme to everyone else, but when it comes to a pup, she will b the nicest person around. This is because she wants to show them that there is kindness in her, as well as what everyone else sees. She also will show her love and her affection for her family, but mainly when no one else in the pack is around her. She will protect his pack with his life and she will make sure that there is always food in the lands for the pack to be able to feed and stay healthy. But she will stalk who ever she needs to to make sure that there are no wolves that will be attacking her pack.
She was not born to a pack, and she was not really born to a family. She knew her parents long enough for them to raise her and make sure that she will be able to live on her own. This lasted until she was a year old. Once that year marker hit, she was sent to live on her own, and she never saw her family again. She really did not mind, for none of them ever showed her attention while she was with them. This was when she learned that she should never show her emotions, and she vowed that she never would just to be sure that she was able to stay safe and not let anyone get the best of her. She traveled on her own to find a pack that would accept her for whom she was. She traveled through the city and she traveled through many forests. She traveled alone, and she met one wolf along the way. This wolf turned out to be her older brother. Apparently their parents decided to name him Strife because of his disorders.

It was not long before they got into a fight with two other wolves. She learned her fighting skills from practicing with her brother before this battle, and she was happy to be able to place them into affect to protect herself. Well, she did her best at protecting herself, but when she looked for her brother, she saw him in pieces. She was not happy about this, but it did not show. She traveled on without her brother then and she moved to the lands where she found this pack. She was accepted into the pack then, and she started her life with them. She is now three years old, and she looks for a mate that will love her for who she is, and will protect her like she will protect him.

Parents: Veela and Crash
Siblings: Strife
Pups: None
Other Family of Significance: None
Mate: None

Emotions, Kindness, Too many being around her, Being distracted, Her own personality
Unemotional, Training, Being Alone
Killing other wolves, hunting, practicing her fighting
Hunting, Fighting, Arguing, Killing, Stalking, Spying
Being Caught, Disrespect, Dishonest Wolves, Losing Pack members, Forgetting something
Dying, Finding A Mate, Showing her Emotions
Being the best killer, finding a mate just like her
hunting, fighting, killing, spying

Pack Status: In Pack
Reference?: n/a

Desired Rank: Tau or Upsilon
Desired Cabal: Strife Animus Cabal (will wait to earn it)
Theme Song: For Whom The Bell Tolls - Metallica
Other characters?: N/A
Extras?: Occ Name: Svet

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PostSubject: Re: Akeela   Wed Aug 13, 2014 10:30 pm

Whoa! You're on a roll! I know this is a W.I.P, but one must earn their way into the SAC (Strife Animus Cabal). I am Lukio, Head Admin And Founder of this growing community. I hope you enjoy your stay! Please do not hesitate to ask us for any help!
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PostSubject: Re: Akeela   Wed Aug 13, 2014 11:23 pm

She is completed now
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PostSubject: Re: Akeela   Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:46 am

Accepted! Welcome Akeele to the site I hope you enjoy your stay and that Malachi gets a achance to meet you in roleplay.


...Never mistake my silence for ignorance,
My calmness for acceptance,
Or my kindness for weakness...
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PostSubject: Re: Akeela   Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:45 pm

Nice bio Akeela! This is really good, love the long written personality.
It will help us better understand your character and such. Anyway can't wait to meet you in rp.


Click to view bio^

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PostSubject: Re: Akeela   

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