There's always a new dawn between every horizon you gaze at, though it may seem out of this world, you can feel the light if you try. ~Welcome to the TDCP!
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Welcome To TDCP! We are a semi-realistic wolf based rp. 
Please keep in mind that we are an active community getting on everyday for staff is a must, missing one or two days is alright but if your going to be gone for a week please sign up for an E.F.A. 
Members we would also like you to sign in everyday and post at least once, but instead of just posting and leaving you can go on the chat box, rp, or play games, what ever suits your fancy. :3 
Starlas is literally almost always online and on the chat box so you will almost always have a talking buddy! c:
Guests cannot view everything! Simply use our guest account to view everything and get you an idea of how everything looks and works around here! ^^
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Storm(s)?: Yes, Mount Lacuna  seems to be having a snow storm at the top.
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Inspect Cabal
The Inspect Cabal are the wolves whom pratrol the packs borders for any trouble whatsoever. They travel in groups and set routes without the borders. They also travel beyond the borders if needed.
Convoy Cabal
The Convoy Cabal are the guardians of the pack. They protect pack members and doyens. They sometimes escort the higher ups to certain places without request.
Curative Cabal
These are the medical wolves of the pack. They usually are out around collecting herbs. They have a pile of this and that in their cavern. They are critical to the pride's well being.
Dogma Cabal
These are the wisest wolves of the pack, both young and old. They have experience in every cabal and often train the young ones. Some of them can predict the weather.
Venatics Cabal
These are the hunters of the pack. They provide food for the pack and stash leftovers. They usually have a routine of doing things.
Strife Animus Cabal
The SA Cabal are the war generals of the pack. They often host tournaments to determine who's the best of the best. They plot the battles, and everything. Very few get to join this Cabal! They are known to be cold blooded. (1/10)
Stanchion Cabal
These are wolves that don't seem to be good enough for any of the Cabals. You can see them as the omegas of the pack, they often help in simple tasks.


Inspect Cabal:

  • Katurah

Convoy Cabal:

  • Kasai

Curative Cabal:

  • ---

Dogma Cabal:

  • Deplone

Venatics Cabal:

  • Malachi

Strife Animus Cabal:

  • Lukio
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Pack Cabals
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