There's always a new dawn between every horizon you gaze at, though it may seem out of this world, you can feel the light if you try. ~Welcome to the TDCP!
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Welcome To TDCP! We are a semi-realistic wolf based rp. 
Please keep in mind that we are an active community getting on everyday for staff is a must, missing one or two days is alright but if your going to be gone for a week please sign up for an E.F.A. 
Members we would also like you to sign in everyday and post at least once, but instead of just posting and leaving you can go on the chat box, rp, or play games, what ever suits your fancy. :3 
Starlas is literally almost always online and on the chat box so you will almost always have a talking buddy! c:
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PostSubject: Katurah    Katurah   I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 02, 2014 3:02 am


Nickname(s): Kate, Kat, Turah, etc
Name Origin: From her mother...
Age: 3.6 years old
Breed: Timber wolf
Alias?: Katurah the brave
Lineage:Umbrage of Light

Appearance: Katurah is an attractive looking flame red wolf with amber eyes that matches some part of her pelt. She has a flame colored pelt with white undersides. She has black fur on her darkest part of her flame colored pelt. She has lighter flame colors under her darker flame colored pelt.  She is large, lean and muscled with long legs. This she wolf’s muscles usually show when she trots and run. She is built for power, speed and endurance. This she-wolf is also made for fighting.  Katurah is tall but she isn’t really long. Her shoulders are broad and her ears are medium sized.  The size of her paws is large and the length of her tail is long. Her lineage is located on her back.
Physical Problems?: Nope
Mental Problems:Nope
Personality:Katurah has a brave, laid back personality and she hardly gets into any type of arguments. She avoids arguments as fast as she can unless it is necessary. She would often ignore wolves who try to get on her nerves unless they violate her personal space. Katurah shows leadership and loyalty to her pack.Katurah is dominant and she likes to be on top. She likes to help out other wolves and keep things under control. She will make sure that every one of her pack mates is safe. When two pack members get into an argument, she will try her best to help them out. She will patrol the borders often and will make sure that dangers are off their territory.

Background: Nothing much...

Parents: Deceased
Siblings: Malachi~ Younger brother
Other Family of Significance:Nope

Weaknesses: Her bad past taunts her. If someone she trusts brakes her trust, she will be sad for a couple of days. She can be easily tricked when it comes to saving a pack member.
Strengths:Katurah is a very good fighter now because of her hardworking trainers from her old pack. She is very good at running and chasing other animals. Her leadership and bravery takes a her through life.

Habits:Katurah tends to pace around the camp when she's bored.
Likes:Katurah likes powerful and respected leaders that have a lot of knowledge. She likes working with a group with great pack members. She likes to see wolves that show great quality. She likes wolves who are reasonable.
Dislikes:Katurah dislikes senseless wolves and wolves who do not show respect to anyone. She doesn't like males who are very disrespectful to females and elders. She also doesn't like to see wolves who attack others for a bad reason.
Fears: Katurah fears seeing her pack fall. Otherwise, she's pretty fearless.
Dreams:She dreams that she could one day look down from the stars and see her pack being the best they are.
Talents: Katurah is good at running, fighting, swimming, hunting, and leading others.

Pack Status:Katurah is looking around for something to do.

Desired Rank:Doyen
Desired Cabal:Inspect Cabal
Theme Song: 1000 years-- Christina Perri
Other characters?:Nooope
Extras?: Eh, no
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