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Welcome To TDCP! We are a semi-realistic wolf based rp. 
Please keep in mind that we are an active community getting on everyday for staff is a must, missing one or two days is alright but if your going to be gone for a week please sign up for an E.F.A. 
Members we would also like you to sign in everyday and post at least once, but instead of just posting and leaving you can go on the chat box, rp, or play games, what ever suits your fancy. :3 
Starlas is literally almost always online and on the chat box so you will almost always have a talking buddy! c:
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The Dye Cinder's Pack Members!

Below is a list of all the pack members and their ranks as well as cabals!

- Male
- Female
% - Trust/Respect
(Name here) - camble 
- Active
- Semi-Active
- Inactive
EFA - Excuse for Absence
- Warning

The Doyens are the leader or alpha of a fraction or cabal. Together lead the pack and their fraction. They are highly respected by the pack, and do their best to lead.

Lukio | (Strife Animus Cabal) |  | 100%
★ Kasai | (Convoy Cabal) |  | 100%
Deplone | (Dogma Cabal) | ♀ | 100%
★ Katurah | (Inspect Cabal) | ♀ | 100%
Lithium | (blank Cabal) | ♀ | 100%
Malachi | (Venatics Cabal) |  | 100%

The betas of the pack are second-in-command. They are usually well-trusted members who are respected and help out the Doyens whenever they are needed. Being a Beta is an honor to some since very few will be chosen. They are respected and obeyed on the site and in rp.

Must be earned

The war general of the pack. They take direct orders from the Doyen in case of a war. The Doyen may be the one to declare war, but the Zeta leads the army and plan the plans for war. They also train new recruits for position as a Eta.

Lead Zeta: Must be earned.

The Eta are the warriors of the pack. They are led by the Zeta or the Epsilon during small fights and wars. Although they will take orders from the Doyen or other higher ranks if given, but the Doyen's above all.

Lead Eta: Must be earned.

★ Kodiak | (Convoy Cabal) |  15%

They are the lead medics within the pack, therefore it is they that the Iota aspire to be.

Must be earned

They are the medics of the pack, knowledgeable in herbology. They have vast knowledge upon what plants and other natural resources will help cure and heal others.

★ Starlas | (Curative Cabal) | ♀ 20%

They are the lead hunters in the pack. Normally there is only one, though sometimes there are two depending upon how large the pack is. They lead the packs hunts with the Doyen or the Beta or when substituting them. They make sure that the entire pack is well fed and will not starve. They oversee as well, that the pack will have a well balanced diet.

Must be earned (1-2 positions)

They are the hunters of the pack. They follow the Doyens or the Iota in the hunts. Those who hold this position are loyal and quick to follow orders. They have stealth and agility on their side and together are able to take down larger prey.

Open Unlimited

They are the Guardians of the pack. Their job is to ward off intruders and are responsible for the safety and well-being of the pack. They should have at one time been either an Zeta, Eta or Iota for they will need the skills of peace and fighting. Though they should only resort to violence should peaceful persuasion fail.

Must be earned (1-4 positions open, however there should only be 2 until the pack grows larger opening up two more positions)

The Tau is the lead Scout/Upsilon. They give orders to the Upsilon on whom to spy upon or what packs to look at. They are also known as the best of the Upsilon and only those who've proven themselves may be promoted from Upsilon to this position.  However their direct orders come from the Doyens.

Must be earned (1 position open, however if another upsilon proves him/her self and they really deserve to be promoted then their may very rarely be 2)

The Upsilon are the scouts or spies of the pack. They go into other pack territories in order to find out what's going on. Afterwards they report back to the Alpha and tell them about all that they have seen, even should it just be that pups have been born. They will also report to the Zeta if they were asked to find wolves of their own for battle, or they report to the Doyens.

Can be earned (1-4 positions open as the pack gains more members.)

They are the sentries of the pack. Their duty is to keep track of natural resources, finding dens and areas of abundant food for the pack. They also must keep watch of the pack making sure to call the Epsilon, Delta, Lambda or Upsilon if any danger approaches.

Can be earned (1-6 positions open as the pack gains more members.)

The Sigma are the Tutors of the pack. They know much about each thing. They often work with the Phi in order to teach the pups as well as the subordinates and others who might need a bit more knowledge within the pack.

Lead Sigma Must Be Earned.

Rest positions Can be earned (1-4 positions open as the pack gains more members.)

They are the pup sitters of the pack and delight in teaching the young that which they will need in the future. However if a pup gets lost or hurt they are hold accountable should the pup have been under their care at that time.

Lead Phi Must Be Earned.

These are the subordinates of the pack. Usually new members or yearling wolves start here and must prove themselves before they are given a better ranking. However they need to be careful and achieve a higher ranking least they become the Omega.

Moonlight  | (Unkown) | ? 0%

Steele  | (Strife Animus Cabal) | ? 0%

They are the young usually born into the pack under the age of one. Depending upon morality and the attitude of a pack as well as the food that is available the number of pups in any pack may vary.


They are the scrape goats of a pack. Often they are picked on by the other wolves and are last to eat. Sometimes things may become so bad that they might even up and leave the pack, though there are those who remain to stick it out.

★  Sinopa  | (Stanchion Cabal) | ♀ 2%

These wolves do not have a pack, they may have been kicked from a pack (known as a rouge) or left their pack. Sometimes they might have simply been born by a loner or rouge. These wolves are the main enemy to the Dye Cinder's pack(if the loners intrude on the territory many times), and at times an ally if the wolf decides to join the pack.

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