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 Types Of Wolves

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Types Of Wolves  Downlo10
Indian Wolf
The reddish or light brown coloring of the Indian Wolf is part of the reason that many believe it to be a fox when they catch a glimpse of it in the wild.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo11
Red Wolf
The name of the Red Wolf stems from the fact that they can have a reddish coat on them. It is often a cinnamon shade of red. They can slim or bigger like a grey wolf.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo12
Gray Wolf
The Common Wolf is also known as the Gray Wolf. This is the type of wolf that most people are familiar with.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo13
Arctic Wolf
No other wolf in the world can offer the same coloring as the Arctic Wolf. It is very unique due to the location where it is found.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo14
Himalayan Wolf
The Himalayan Wolf is a subspecies of the Gray Wolf. This is a fairly new species to have been identified.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo15
Ethiopian Wolf
Due to the physical appearance of the Ethiopian Wolf it is often mistaken for either a fox or a jackal.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo16
Eastern Wolf
The Eastern Wolf is a distinct species even though many people mistake it for a subspecies of the Gray Wolf or the Red Wolf.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo17
Alaskan Tundra Wolf
This wolves are mostly white and can be mistaken for grey wolves, although there fur isn't as thick and theyre lighter than them.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo18
Alexander Archipelago Wolf
This wolves look older. They have smooth coats and are mainly black wolves.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo19
Baffin Island Wolf
Usually white wolves tinted with grey and are sometimes mistaken for arctic wolves.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo20
Bernard's Wolf
Most common mistaken by arctic wolves but they have more dark grey on there back than them.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo21
British Colombian Wolf
Usually bold looking black wolves.

Types Of Wolves  Arcwol10
Cascade Mountain Wolf
Have more dark grey around the neck.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo22
Eastern Timber Wolf
Look more like beautifuller grey wolves. They can have a various of colors.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo23
Great Plains Wolf
Come in different mixed colors.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo25
Greenland wolves
Have extraordinary thick coats, different from any either wolves. Lighter coats.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo26
Hudson Bay Wolf
Light coated wolves that have faces a bit smaller than an arctics. 

Types Of Wolves  Downlo27
Interior Alaskan Wolf
Darker mixed colored coats. Usually a black and dark brown with tan.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo28
Mackenzie Tundra Wolf
Have serious looking faces that are similar to greys. They can also be dark colors.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo29
Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Come in various colors and the greys look like grey wolves, although MVW have more grey lined on them.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo30
Manitoba Wolf
Usually look like grey wolves but have a black line on there head.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo31
Mexican Wolf
Usually white below and a variety of mixed colors on the back and sides. they can be slim or big like a red wolf.

Types Of Wolves  Newfou10
Newfoundland Wolves
Small ears and heads with thick coats. Usually light coats with darker markings.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo32
N. Rocky Mountains Wolf
Mostly dark and light colors mixed and a face like a grey. They have thicker cheek fur which sticks out on some.

Types Of Wolves  Images10
S. Rocky Mountains Wolf
similar to there cousins the NRMW although these are harder to find.

Types Of Wolves  Canis_10
Texas Gray Wolf
They have the most unique colored coat. Also hard to find.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo33
Vancouver Island wolves
Like common wolves of grey. They have shorter fur on there face than the rest of there body.

Types Of Wolves  Images11
Arabian Wolf
These wolves look like slim grey wolves.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo34
Hokkaido Wolf
Longest snouted wolves. Most have gone extinct but some are still alive.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo35
Iberian Wolf
They look similar to red wolves but are bigger than the slim and smaller than larger red wolves.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo36
Iranian Wolf
They can be a slim or large wolf and they only come in one type of color browns and white.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo37
Italian Wolf
Similar to other wolves but they have silted eyes mainly.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo38
Steppe Wolf
Similar to other wolves, yet are usually black and have a white patch on there chest.

Types Of Wolves  Downlo39
Tibetan Wolf
Have thick fur around there neck like a Tibetan mastiff.

Types Of Wolves  Images13
Maned Wolf
These wolves look tall, they are usually a reddish color of a red fox with black legs and a black spot on there back near there neck and muzzle.
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Types Of Wolves
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